The long and winding internet and Propulsion Electronica.

I think we’ve finished the one sheet for reviews (a mere 7 months after CD was done…). The good thing is that it made us really think about what it is we’re doing and how to describe it. I prefer to let the music speak for itself, but I suppose that most people are looking for *something* that sounds like something they like. So they go type into a search engine online in hopes of getting a straight line to a link that will make their ears happy.
And if those happy ears were to be happy about finding a Green Chili GoGo Dust tune, well then that’s what we all want!
The problem was that we started creating this music with only an elementary knowledge of Electronic music. Much less the countless sub genres. So we listened to some music and discovered that we’re sort of in the same sonic territory as DJ Food, Bonobo, 9 Lazy 9,  and Amon Tobin. And, BTW, all of these folks can be found on
But, you know were a little different, so we decided to create a new (as if you needed another one) sub genre called:
Propulsion Electronica.

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