Caffeinated Tornados and other Bottled Syntheses

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We’re playing a show at the Gypsy Music Cafe tonight as a part of the Wandering Infinity Collective night. I am very happy to let you know (if you didn’t already) that Lark Vs. Owl will be performing! I love these guys! They’re going to open the show. And then they will take the stage as our rhythm section. And then they’re going to ROCK some more. We had great time rehearsing for this show, working out some ideas for our improvisational mayhem, but I expect we will, as always, follow the adage, “Make a plan. Plan to improvise.”

I will personally hand over a FREE CD to anyone who joins us onstage and dances. I’ll bring a bunch. Seriously.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday mixing the new Everything But Marriage CD. From 8AM Thursday morning to 2AM Friday morning – 18 hours with a 20 minute break. I really didn’t mean to do that but that’s how it worked out.

It was my first real mixing session at Soundhouse. I love the way it sounds! (although I’ll probably take another, more relaxing day to clean up a couple mixes). So I’m riding on that strangeness that’s not enough sleep, whacked body rhythm and excitement about EbM’s new CD   … and the show tonight.

Which should make for an interesting show – either because I’ll fall flat on my face or be totally F’n crazy. Think I’ll opt for the latter 🙂

See you tonight, fans and other species.


Wandering Infinity Collective night = BLAST!

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Again? Huh, what? GREEN CHILI GOGO DUST!

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We are at it again. Plowing through winter storms and hurricanes to bring the force to you’re boogy bottom and paisley mind. Bringing it to the Gypsy Music Cafe.

Please come out and check out….

Happy New Year, Green Chili GoGo Dust fans!

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Hey, we’ve been quiet for a while, I know.

Domestic duties must be attended to but we are committed to serving you. We will return to our regularly scheduled mayhem in January. Maybe February before we get anything new posted though.

Want to listen to the most recent stuff (not releases yet)?

You can hear it (and download a few) here:

with love and lust,

Green Chili GoGo Dust

a random friday

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Joe (Keys and Theremin) joined us for a Friday night a couple weeks ago and we made some beautiful music together. You can hear a 5 minute piece called Fear and Love on our website:

Check the bottom of the page.

BTW – you can download it, too.

It was recorded at 88.2, 24 bit and this is the file I uploaded …. sounds good!

Turning the Corner,

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Into a darkness I’ve never seen. Sometimes the texture feels familiar and sometimes I am repulsed.

Coming together like cats on a mission, the shadows converge in time lapse memories, no longer linear but present here, now, with feeling. And I push it out to you, an ear, a membrane of definition and a converter of sonic waves into vision, texture and heart beats. Thank you for being there. Thank you for hearing and reflecting. You reverberations are still ringing around my memories as a touch of warmth.

Green Chili GoGo Dust … makin’ it

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